Tackle multi-tasks
in your perspective

Manage private to-do, teams tasks,
multiple projects in one place

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Integrate private schedule and project tasks into a single workspace

Handling outsourcing projects and internal team tasks made easy. You don't need to use different tools for managing external team.


When you initiate a task, no matter how many times it gets bounced between your collaborators, you get to review all activities and progressions.


It is not necessary to see all the information every time you get into the tool. Using assignment, request, and approval functions, people can collaborate with others. It helps you focus on your work by hiding distractions.


It is easy to see what works well and where the bottleneck is when you use Strum. Because it visualizes the work progress and communicates it effectively.

Handle tasks in a single dashboard

Keyboard friendly lightweight app that help you manage tasks well.

Assignment tracking system.

Project managers can keep track of tasks, manage deadlines, and contracts. Team members or freelancers can do approval processes.

Request tasks instead of chatting

Popup and assign new task as a simple manner that help you keep track of tasks.

Record voice with mouse gestures

Share your thoughts vividly on the results by recording voice with mouse gestures, annotation on images and pdf files.

Tasks won't be completed unless you say done.

Review and keep track of your workflows.

Integrate all your workflows.

It's time to avoid distractions.

When we launch, we will notify you.